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VMA Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based visual merchandising service provider and VM consultation firm. VMA Pte. Ltd. is dedicated to the enhancement of Store Design, Visual Merchandising and Display in Asia, and conversely to the creation of greater awareness of Asian Display and Design Concepts in the west. Through it's development of Corporate Guidelines for Presentation, VM Training Seminars and In Store Brand Enhancement Strategies, VMA Pte. Ltd. strives to create an atmosphere of excellence at every level of the retail sector.

Visual Merchandising Asia specializes in providing a unique, targeted and single vision approach to retail design, display and merchandising by providing its clients with the ability to address multiple issues through a one service provider who understands the need and importance of an inter-grated and focused vision in every project.

Through its training seminars and workshops for organizations like the Retail Academy of Singapore, The Singapore Retailers Association,  the Congress of Indian Industries and its numerous articles on the subject of store design and visual merchandising for magazines like Retail Asia, Singapore and Retail Biz, India, VMA Pte. Ltd. has sought to share its unique knowledge of the intricacies of display and merchandise presentation with the greater Asian Retail Industry.

What's New!

Training: 2019/2020 started out with a bang after 18 months consulting on design and VM for Odel Stores Sri Lanka. As VM consultant for Odel VMA was asked to lead the VM team island wide, to manage and maintain VM for over 52 outlets, which included Odel stores and International brands like Levi's and Adidas. VMA Pte. Ltd. also assisted in the development of training programs and Christmas design 2019 for Odel Stores.

Closer to home VMA Pte. Ltd. worked with Best World International creating their brand presentation strategy for their flagship location in Singapore. This was a considerable effort requiring lots of planning and back and forth sharing of ideas in order to properly detail the clients vision. Here VMA Pte. Ltd. worked with a comibination of unique materials, processes and service providers in order to achieve their goal.

The second half of 2020 has been a time for working with clients and visual merchandisers globally, to help walk them through the difficulties faced during the Covin 19 outbreak. These efforts were offered on out social media platforms and have recieved positive feedback from all across South East Asia and beyond.     

We also had additional training successes here in Singapore with customized training workshops for 'Giant' grocery stores & Yue Hwa Chinese products stores and in the Phiippines with a specially designed VM training for SM Stores. We also have continued our successful 10 year run with the Retail Academy of Singapore having trained over 800 retail professionals from all ends of the retail spectrum.  

Creative Development: we helped create a VM brand identity for Estetica Singapore inclusive of cosmetic product tester units, Vm props and decor and packaging. VMA assisted Google by enhancing food presentations at 'Shiok' at the S.E.A headquaters based in singapore 

Visual Merchandising:  we assisted Harley Davidson S.E.A with it's exhibition at the Bangkok International Motor Show and winning The First Place Exhibition Booth Award for the second year in a row, where VMA provide design consulting and VM. this year VMA joined the Gensler Design Group in the creation of a state of the arts showroon for India's Godrej group in the creation of the 'Script' store Bangalor india.

VM Guideline Development:  we are continuing to developing our India market by our continued work with Godrej India on their new concept shop designed by Gensler USA. We were involved in the original review of the design and in development of the VM presentation, VM Guidelines and a VM guidelines manual. 

Visual Assessments:  we assisted Manzone Indonesia to reinvent its self with new space planning and merchandise wall and VM consulting on signage and more.