Shop Design and Concepts

Shop Design
Positive Brand Identity? Step one: innovative shop design - VMA creates intelligent shop concepts while addressing your budget, capacity and targeted consumer and lifestyle needs. We provide a turn-key service from the conceptual planning, to construction and project supervision.


Brand Imaging
VMA offers an end-to-end suite of services. Developing brand identity materials is just the beginning. We can enhance your market presence with a 'Brand Image' and 'Interior Presentation' packages to reinforce and add value to your brand name and products.


Visual Enhancements
Arresting visual elements are crucial in successful retailing. Spot-on lighting and tasteful arrangements, not to mention, the requisite window accessories can transform any shop space and help you speak to your target audience.


Interior Decorating & Renovations
VMA can assist you with your renovation. We have experience in helping you create your dream environment without unneccessary expenses. We'll help you decide what to change and what to keep in order to cut costs effectively. We also have access to unique furniture, fabric and wallpaper, as well as a wide range of lighting suppliers to choose from.