Creative Concepts

At VMA Pte. Ltd. we understand the term 'Experiential Retail' and we also understand that having a great store design is just the first step. At VMA we go several steps further developing and creating experiential retail concepts that define your brand, your store and ultimately your target customers time spent within your store.  

Shop Design and Concepts

Retail Store Design is a unique skill that can only be developed through years of retail experience in order to anticipate all the clients needs, and be able to provide expertise on needs the client may not be able to recognize. VMA Pte. Ltd. has that kind of retail design experience and much more! 

Merchandising Presentation

Merchandise Presentation is a mature science, which uses brand guidelines created from clear and basic logic to create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers by providing and facilitating easy to find items, logical self service solutions, useful product information and an uncluttered and pleasant shopping environment.  

Visual Presentation

Is the art using props, graphics, signage, lighting, music, scent and other elements in captivating, interesting, educational and often-humorous ways in order to entice the customer buy! Our creative director has worked with donna DKNY NYC, Ralph Lauren Polo, NYC, Armani NYC, Nike and many others to create brand enhancing VM Presentations.